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 Animalesque Sex-Positive Playground is an EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP, conceived to create the opportunity to get in contact with your desier and your animal body.

A guided experience focused on promoting a playful sexuality, more conscious and less judgmental, through:

• Consent
• Empathic listening
• Graduality
• Experiential games

►► The activities are inspired by practice from tantra, BDSM, cuddle parties and other disciplines that deal with exploration of senses and desires.


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Read carefully the following list and ask yourself honestly:

►►“How much do I feel mine this philosophy?”

➮ It is important to preserve everybody's privacy.
Not only it is NOT ALLOWED to take pictures or use the mobile, but we also ask to keep confidential the identity of other participants. Telling your experience to others is great, but gossiping it is NOT! 

➮ Try to not be judgmental.
Sexual practices or orientations different from yours, are not wrong or laughable just because they don't reflect yours. 

➮ Bring all your enthusiasm and playfulness. 
We are here to experiment, try stuff, explore and understand new things about ourselves. Don't be afraid to open up!

➮ Dress up!
Costumes, onesies, tails and make up are welcome! Nothing is mandatory but try to wear something out of the ordinary, to detach from daily routine  and makes you more playful! Express your animal side…Roar!!

➮ Try to contribute to the max of your possibilities.
Every participant is a co-creator of the event, with their energy, enthusiasm, intention, example and consciousness. 

➮ Think about the pack!
Inside our spaces we like to promote an environment of mutual support, listening and availability. 

➮ Keep consent always in mind!!!
Respect personal space of the other creatures. Let's agree that physical approaches  even not sexual, will happen only if there is a clear consent, ideally enthusiastic and verbal.

►► This playful attitude to sexuality has given us great emotions, give it a go! 
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