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La Coccoleria is a safe and fluffy space where we can share affection, tenderness and love for any body.

Surrounded by cushions, stuffed animals and soap bubbles, adults can hug, caress, smooch, massage, squeeze and all unconditionally without expectations, based on their needs, desire and limits.
To give the cuddles and affection the full attention, the characteristic of La Coccoleria is that it is an asexual event: the energy starts from the heart and connections with others express kindness (like when we per animals and toddlers). Surrendering to cuddles it is a lot easier when it has been clearly stated that there are no other ends, but to give this kind of care. What allows us to be welcoming and to show our vulnerability is that every participant guarantees with integrity to be reliable. Trust has 3 implications:
-each one takes charge of itsown responsibilities;
-the participation to the event remains confidential; 
-we agree that physical approach requires clear consent, ideally verbal and enthusiastic.
Respecting and valuing  consent, means not only to avoid violating the shared trust, but also ensuring that everyone has all the space they need to say NO when they don't feel like doing something.
The importance of kisses, hugs and caresses and other manifestations of affection is proven by science: cuddling responds to a need of feeling recognized, appreciated, protected, held, loved and it has the extraordinary power of regenerating psycho-physical well-being.
By cuddling and playing games we share energy and Oxytocin that makes us feel relaxed but also joyful and playful.
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