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Let's reclaim spaces of freedom to express our bodies, without moral judgment nor censorship.

The naked body should not be seen as a sexual object.


Nudisco is much more than a nudist disco!

It’s a structured event, a gradual path for a non sexualized nudity.

In a safe environment, protected from predatory behaviours or indiscreet gazes, we’ll explore our limits and our shame.

Full nudity on the dancefloor is not mandatory, but it is an option that we don't have often. 


The idea to get naked and show ourself without filter could be scary, but during this event we‘d like to show you the beauty hidden behind the physical and emotional shields that cloths impose us.

The beauty to see us all, with our merits and defects, with our differences.


During the evening we will gradually explore nudity without prejudice or embarrassment, we’ll propose issues to reflect on consent and ways to respect personal space. In the spirit of LTLT we’ll jump into games and creative activities like Body Decoration.

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